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What is Marketing?

Quite often Marketing is the last piece of the puzzle for small businesses to consider. Many small businesses only consider a marketing plan when sales start to go South. But at Weir Marketing Services we believe that it should be considered within the total business mix including a business plan and sales strategy. With all of the pieces of the puzzle working together, the whole business picture will come together and your business will flourish.

Marketing is not a scary unknown, but quite often businesses don't think about marketing in a strategic  manner, rather approach it on an adhoc basis. Weir Marketing Services can help de-mystify the whole marketing process and break it up into manageable chunks so that each section works together in a co-ordinated approach. Marketing needs to work with the Sales Strategy so that you have the whole business approach.

Marketing can mean a different approach for each business and at times there is not a "one shoe fits all" approach for marketing. Each aspect of the Marketing Mix needs to be considered and quite often businesses should consider completing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis to ensure that your business is headed in the right strategic direction and planning to take advantage of the Opportunities.

Marketing can be broken up into stages

The approach by your business can be to break the marketing strategy up into stages and deal with one piece at-a-time and evaluate as you go. Quite often businesses develop an ad and put it into the paper and don't know what results it brings to their business. Each campaign needs to be evaluated so that it can be tweaked to get the results you are after - more sales!

Marketing is not Sales

Many people wrongly believe that marketing is sales. Whilst marketing and sales need to work together to produce the results required for a business, they are very different and separate strategies should be developed for each section. However, both the Sales and Marketing strategies need to be aligned, as one cannot achieve the successes without the other. Even in small business the same logic needs to be applied for success.