Personalised website design and development using content management systems

Website Development

In today's business environment many people use the internet as their first "port-of-call" to find information about a company or service. This means that in many cases businesses need to have a web-presence via a website. Now-a-days there are many options available including downloading software off the internet and various software packages to build your own website. These might appear fine, especially when money is tight, but Weir Marketing Services can assist your business in developing your personalised flexible website where it will look and perform much better.

Weir Marketing Services can tailor a solution for your business whether you are a start-up business with limited funds or a thriving business entering into the world of websites for the first time or upgrading and existing site. The solutions tailored by Weir Marketing Services will ensure that your website will appeal to your target customers and maximised to attract new clients to your business.

Search Engine Optimised

All new Weir Marketing Services websites are Search Engine Optimised to ensure that they rate high up in the search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Personalised reports are prepared to show how potential clients have accessed your new website and what pages they are viewing. Accuracy and attention to detail are a feature of everything we do for every client.

Weir Marketing Services can search for and register your domain name and take care of the transfer if you have an existing domain name to ensure a transition from old to new. Hosting services are provided through a reliable external company who ensure that the service is maintained and your website remains on-line. This service is provided as cost effectively as possible according to each individual job.

Flash Based Website Menus

If you are looking for that bit of pizzaz, then Weir Marketing Services can create a Flash based menu with tailored graphics and sounds that will add that bit of difference. Even if you prefer a standard menu selection, we can still integrate an additional Flash menu to capture the website browser's attention.

Doesn't cost the Earth

Website development doesn't have to cost the Earth. All Weir Marketing Services websites have been tailored to each client to ensure that it meets each client's budget and expectations. Quite often the solution provided by Weir Marketing Services are more cost effective both in time and dollars, than trying to provide the solution yourself in-house. Websites can be designed so that you can control the content once completed, through a Content Management System (CMS) with support provided by Weir Marketing Services.

Recent Website Projects