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Below is the current portfolio of the websites developed by Weir Marketing Services. The list continually grows and the client requirements differ from job to job. However, Weir Marketing Services always provides a tailored solution and all premium websites are search engine optimised prior to launch and periodically monitored after that time. The websites are hosted on WMS' server that is proud to be Eco-Friendly!

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Murray River Visitor Guide
Murray River Visitor Guide

About the website: Specifically developed to assist with the development of a brand new visitor guide for the Murraylands and Riverland regions in South Australia. The website contained information about the various sizes of adverts as well as login ability for each exisitng advertiser.

Features: Website Search, Login, Customised form, downloadable pdfs

Developed for the implementation of the new Murray River Visitor Guide in South Australia. Previous the Riverland & Murraylands regions were marketed as separated regions with their respective visitor guides. In 2008, they decided to merge the guides together and promote the Murray River as one marketing region. This website will be used to promote the advertising space to potential and existing advertisers as well as provide the ability to host the 2008 exisiting advertisement through secure username and password.